The 4 Best Things About University

Going to University can be scary; you can feel homesick, or get behind on work. It can be stressful; there can be struggles with time management and organising your money. But it can also be the most exciting time of your life.

New Experiences

new experiences

A lot of us move from small, ordinary towns to bigger cities when we go to University. It’s a chance to experience so many new things. Even if you initially find University overwhelming, dive into what’s available. On campus, you have access to societies, sports, events, free lectures. You can access everything from a Christian rock concert to a kegger to dry slope skiing. There are political groups, debating societies, even groups whose sole purpose is to arrange fancy dress parties.

Off campus it can be really worth getting involved in your local community. There will be themed events at bars and clubs. You can volunteer at a charity, visit the pub round the corner or attend local events. Some may seem corny, but the annual Party in the Park or church fair can be a great way to get to know local people.

The Perks

Being a student comes with a lot of perks. The big one is the discounts. Most of the big high street restaurants, bars and shops will offer student deals with the NUS card. On top of that, a majority of more local places will offer their own student discounts. They will usually advertise their deals in-store or in local circulars. (Always check out any free papers or leaflets before recycling; some have great deals).

Rail travel is heavily discounted by providers and most banks offer accounts tailored for students. (Just avoid the credit card offers). However the greatest perk of all is free time. You’ll have enough time (in your first year at least) to engage in hobbies, meet new people and follow up opportunities.

The Opportunities


Being a student gets you access to careers advice through the university, for part time jobs and post graduation.  Careers advisors can help you obtain summer internships, positions to study abroad and bursaries for further study. On campus, there are numerous shops, restaurants and admin roles that need filling.

There are also opportunities to gain experience by becoming a class rep, or taking a role at the Student Union. If you’re interested in sports, you can get involved with joining or coaching a local team. Political? Many City Councillor roles are filled by students. Non profits are always looking for smart people with time on their hands. Local companies may be offering the chance to help out. Even music festivals need volunteers and if you’re willing to work you could get free entry in exchange.


While your new found independence will be cushioned by student loans and parental visits, you’ll likely have more freedom than ever before. Of course, this comes hand in hand with the realisation that if you drop a wet towel on the floor it stays there. But it’s still an exhilarating feeling.

For the first time, you have complete responsibility over where you live, what you do; even when you go to bed.

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