Student Life Hacks for Summer

Meet the student life hacks that will make your summer easier.

Study Hacks

Study Hacks

You’re probably going to spend at least some of your summer studying. It can be difficult to make sure the knowledge sticks, especially when there’s a six week delay before you resume structured learning.

To start with, schedule study time, otherwise it won’t happen. Don’t restrict yourself to books – check out (reputable) documentaries and films. Don’t substitute watching the film for reading the book, but movies can sometimes help you understand the novel more, or offer a different perspective.

Write notes like they’re for someone else. Otherwise the “of course I’ll remember what the no context note ‘that thing’ means” will backfire. Focus your mind by listening to ambient noise. Not death metal, so much, but wave sounds or coffee shop noises can work really well. You can discuss tricky problems or ideas with fellow students on your MOOC, but use an app to block distracting sites.

Consider switching up where you study (step outside your student house), and remember regular breaks can really help – consider the Pomorodo technique, where you take breaks every. 25 minutes.

Cooking Hacks

One Pot Meal of Rice and Vegetables

You can make life easier for yourself in the kitchen, especially if you’re busy working and studying. To cut down on washing up you can look at recipes that can be made in one pan, or even savoury recipes that can be made with a mug and a microwave. You can also line baking trays with foil to cut down on cleanup.

Prep can really help. Slice and freeze lemons and limes for drinks. You can also mix herbs with olive oil and water and pour into a clean ice cube tray. Then you just have delicious flavour cubes for meals.

Rice is a game changer for students. One tip is to buy a rice cooker. You can get one for £10 and it will revolutionise the kind of cheap rice you get for 60p per kg. You can also use half a low sodium stock cube, or the flavour cubes mentioned a above to make cheap rice more interesting.

For a  quick lunch, make muffizas. Super cheap alternative to a takeaway pizza that costs about 14p per muffin. Basically take a breakfast muffin and halve it. Spread it with tomato puree, cheese and mixed herbs. Grill for 5-10 minutes, and you’re done!


Housework Hacks

Cleaning Hacks

Study, essay writing and fun all has to come before housework; but it still needs doing. There are plenty of ways to make it quicker and easier.

Put together a cleaning caddy with a multi purpose spray, sponges, dusting cloths, window cleaner and polish. A lot of places will recommend white vinegar, but Mr Muscle is cheaper and easier (especially if you shop at a discount store). Stock up on disposable anti-bac wipes. They’re cheap and convenient.

Put your washing machine on, empty, at 90 degrees at least once a month. The push for 30 degree washes has resulted in washing machines growing nasty bacteria and this will stop your clothes smelling funky.

Put a cup of water with lemon juice in the microwave, whiz for 30 seconds, then clean the microwave. It’ll soften any gunk and freshen things up.


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