Make The Most Out Of Summer

After the stress and emotional drain of the university year it can be tempting to slump in front of the TV in your joggers for three months. Sure, do it for a few days. Then try something else. Don’t waste these warm, laid back months on daytime television.

Work On Your Career


One of the best things you can do to work on your career is to get a job and refill that overdraft. Summer working can really help your CV. You may think that fast food or warehouse job might be irrelevant, but employers appreciate evidence that you have experience of the work place. It proves that you have awareness of workplace norms and the discipline to be reliable.

If you don’t need the money, consider arranging an internship or volunteering. You might be lucky enough to get something in the sunshine. It’ll demonstrate the same qualities as paid employment, and likely be lower pressure.

Finally, take advantage of the extra time to brush up your resume.

Better Yourself

Bettering yourself is a great way to spend your summer holiday. We’ve discussed volunteering and paid employment but there are plenty of other ways to improve yourself. One way is to get ahead with your reading and studies. Look for critical analysis or adjunct texts for your main subjects. For example, does your set book have a companion volume?

Next, relax; but proactively. Take up running; learn yoga, or meditation. Learn new techniques for jettisoning that stress; your future self will thank you.

Learning new skills is another great way to improve yourself. Set and accomplish goals. This can be anything; learn to cook, shave a minute off a mile, paint a picture – heck even save a set amount from your summer job.

Have Fun!

Students jumping in the sea at sunset

Silhouettes of young group of people jumping in ocean at sunset

Now, if you have enough money from your uni job or summer role, why not book an affordable summer holiday? It’ll be cheaper the earlier you go (rates skyrocket in July). If you want to go abroad, static caravan parks are a cheap option. Back home, you could consider camping, but bear in mind that some pitches can cost as much as a hotel!

Alternatively, spend a weekend at a music festival. There’s the big names – Glastonbury, Reading, Party in the Park – and a variety of more specialised events, such as Creamfields or Download. There are also smaller events which can be absolutely fantastic – see Beat Herder or Green Belt. But ensure they have a pedigree and an established presence. Recently an exciting sounding metal festival in Northamptonshire cancelled last minute when they fell short of the necessary funding. And we’ve all heard of the infamous Fyre Festival, where wealthy patrons paid up to $12,000 for sandwiches in styrofoam containers and flimsy disaster relief tents.

If cash is short, be a tourist in your own town. Hit up Tripadvisor and make up a bucket list of free attractions in your area. You can visit parks, museums, art galleries and free events in your local community.

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