During Your Stay


We want your stay with StudentHQ to be hassle-free, so we take pride in keeping our properties in great working order and in fixing any problems as quickly as possible.

If you have a maintenance issue, get in touch with us by as soon as possible so that we can ensure the matter gets our full attention.

Safety and Security

General safety and security

Please remember to ensure your windows and doors are closed and secure before you go out.

Don’t let people into the property that you don’t know.


Please take care with your keys:

Don’t label them with an address.

Never give them to anyone else.

Never throw them out of the window so your friends can use them to get in.

If you lose your keys:

Please contact us immediately and we will call round to the property to let you in. If you need a replacement set of keys this can be arranged but please do not get additional keys cut without our permission.

Some of our doors will lock automatically when they are closed so please remember to take your key with you when you leave the house. If you do lock yourself out then first try calling one of your housemates before contacting us.

Your windows

Your window may have a restricting device that limits how far your window opens. It’s there for your safety so it’s important that you don’t disconnect or damage it, or let anyone else do so. If the window fittings do become damaged, you need to report this to us immediately. We check all the windows and their fittings regularly, to make sure they’re all safe and working properly.


You are individually responsible for keeping your bedroom clean and jointly responsible for keeping all communal areas clean and tidy.   We expect you to share the responsibility for cleaning the kitchen, shared living areas, hallways and bathrooms with your housemates. Each house is supplied with a mop, bucket and vacuum. If these items are missing when you move in, please let us know.


Keeping the kitchen clean is important to avoid catching an illness that can result from poor food hygiene.

There are a few simple things you can do to keep you and your housemates safe:

Empty the bins regularly and take the bags outside ready for refuse collection day – don’t leave them in corridors or stairwells as this is a fire risk and can attract pests

Clean the hob and oven regularly to stop build-ups of food and greasy stains. Don’t use any metal utensils to scrape food off the hob as this will damage it

The microwave needs regular cleaning inside and out. You will need to clean both the glass plate and underneath it, a quick wipe down after each use will help to keep it clean

Regularly clean out the fridge, throwing away any perishable food past its use by date and wiping down the inside with a clean cloth. Take out any drawers and wash them with hot soapy water.


Floors should be mopped using the mop provided and hot soapy water or a suitable cleaning product

If you have a shower curtain, ensure you keep it inside the shower tray or bath and clean up any spilt water after use.

You should try to clean your shower head at least once every term to avoid a build-up of lime scale

If you are away for more than a week it’s a good idea to run your taps and shower for a couple of minutes when you return to ensure you get a fresh supply of water

We’ll carry out house inspections at least once a term. If any area of your house isn’t as clean as it should be we will give you some time to sort it out and then come back to complete the inspection.

Fire Safety

Protect yourself: fire can cause damage, panic, injury, and even loss of life. These simple guidelines may be the most important thing you learn at university/college.

Avoid unnecessary activation

All of the fire alarms in our properties are mains supplied with battery backup therefore if one alarm is activated then they will all sound. In order to prevent the alarms being accidentally activated please follow these simple rules:

Keep the kitchen door closed at all times.

Close your shower room door when showering.

Don’t smoke in the house (this is strictly forbidden)

Don’t cover or tamper with detectors.

Don’t use aerosols or hairdryers beneath a detector.

The use of candles is prohibited in StudentHQ properties.

In the event of a fire follow these simple steps:

Leave the house by the nearest escape route and move away from the property.

Don’t stop to collect belongings.

Do not re-enter the house until you are told that it is safe to do so.

If you know or suspect that someone has remained in the house or know the cause of the alarm report this immediately.

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