How to Fight the Dreaded Freshers Flu

Fresher’s week is coming up, along with the dreaded freshers flu. This dreadful scourge is often the result of no sleep, too much booze, terrible food and germs from across the country getting to know each other. Prevention is better than cure, but if you can’t fight it off we’re suggesting some treatment tips as well.

(Also, while ‘Fresher’s Flu’ is usually actually just a bad cold, consider getting a flu shot ).


Limit Drinking | Dreaded Freshers Flu


Carry hand sanitiser everywhere. Door handles, handles on public transport, coins – all these seemingly innocent items are teeming with germs. Clean your phone and other electronics regularly to kill bacteria. Wash your hands frequently with liquid soap.

Limit Substances

Both alcohol and cigarettes can lower your immune system’s defences. Binge drinking in particular can be dangerous. Consider quitting the fags and limit your drinking to the recommended levels. Apps like Drinkaware can help you track your consumption.


Bolstering your diet can really help prevent colds and flu. While the benefits are unproven, you can try vitamin C tablets. Apart from that, make sure to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. An easy rule of thumb is for each meal to contain 2 80g portions of vegetables.

Fighting the Flu

Dreaded Freshers Flu


This is really important once the ‘flu’ has taken hold. Change your pillowcase regularly, empty bins, air out your room, and clean with antibacterial wipes. Don’t overdo it but if you have the energy, this will likely make you feel better.


Paracetamol will help lower your temperature, and decongestants will help clear your sinuses. Lemsip may be more comforting, especially with some honey. Ibouprofen can help reduce swelling but can upset your stomach.

Self Care

The best remedy for a bad cold is plenty of sleep. Hot drinks and soup can also help with recovery. Washing your face and moisturising to reduce cracked, dried skin around the nose can also help.

How do you fight fresher’s flu?

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