Do you have student housing for large groups?

Yes, we have a range of student housing from two bedrooms to eight bedrooms. We also have student houses on the same street, and in some cases next door to one another.

Is there car parking with your student properties?

In most cases there is adequate free on street parking within a short walk of the property but in some parts of the city residents permits are required before you can park. If you have a requirement for parking we are happy to provide advice on locations where you can park or provide details as to how you can apply for a residents permit.

Can I smoke in the house?

No, under no circumstances do we allow tenants or their guests to smoke inside our student properties. All of our properties have adequate outside space that can be used if you wish to smoke, all we ask is that you discard used cigarettes ends in responsible manner.

What happens if there is a problem with our student house?

If a problem occurs you should contact us immediately and we will call round to assess the situation. Most of the time problems can be sorted out quickly and easily but sometimes it is necessary to order spare parts, etc. Either way we will always keep you informed as to how the issue is being dealt with and will look to resolve the problem is an efficient manner so to cause you minimum inconvenience.

Can friends and relatives stay with me?

Yes, we understand that as a student part of enjoying you time away at university is inviting friends and family to visit from time to time. All we ask is that you limit the number of visitors at any one time so you don’t disturb your fellow housemates.

Are pets allowed in your student accommodation?

As a general rule we do not allow pets although certain small pets such as goldfish may be acceptable. If you have a pet please let us know so that we can assess whether it is likely to pose a problem.

Do students have to pay Council Tax?

No, as a full time student at either Lancaster University or the University of Cumbria you are exempt from paying Council Tax. We will notify Lancaster City Council when you move into the property and let them know that you are full time students.

Do I need to buy a TV licence?

No, a TV licence for the property is included as part of the rental package.

Do I have to wait for the water to heat up before having a shower?

No, all of our properties are fitted with modern combination boilers that provide instant hot water any time of the day or night.  

The central heating is switched on but the radiator in my bedroom isn’t getting hot

Sometimes radiators won’t heat up to full temperature because there is an air lock. This can be rectified very simply by bleeding the radiator to remove the trapped air. If you experience this problem then we are happy to call round to remedy the situation.

You say that all bills are included, but are there any quotas or allowances?

No, unlike some landlords offering ’all inclusive’ packages we don’t impose any allowances or quotas. We provide totally unlimited usage of gas, water, electricity and the broadband connection so you can enjoy student life without the worry of unexpected bills!

Will I have to setup the broadband connection myself when I move in?

No, all of our student housing has high speed wireless broadband installed and ready to use.  So you will experience no delays getting online.

Does the broadband have any limits on usage or download?

No, the package we offer is unlimited which means you are free to use the internet as much or as little as you like.


When is rent collected?

We understand that managing your finances whilst at university can sometimes be a challenge therefore we collect rent in three installments to coincide with the payment of your student loan.

How can I pay my rent? 

We are happy for you to pay your rent in cash, by cheque or bank transfer depending what suits you best. Please let us know how you wish to pay and we will be happy to provide you with the relevant details.


When is routine maintenance worked completed?

Routine maintenance work is always completed over the summer months so not to disturb tenants once they have moved into the property.

What do I do if I notice a problem with our student house?

Lucky problems are very rare as our properties are maintained to a high standard but occasional things do break and require our attention. If you notice a potential problem we would ask you to notify us as soon as possible as any delay could make matters worse. We are happy for you to call us with any concerns even if it turns out to be a false alarm. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Will the property be cleaned before I move in?

Yes, we have a team of professional cleaners on hand to clean the properties once the previous tenants have departed.

How often is the boiler checked to ensure it is safe?

By law we are required to have all gas boilers and appliances checked by a Gas Safe Engineer every year to ensure that they are in safe working order.

Tenancy / Contract

How long is the tenancy? 

All of our tenancy are 44 weeks with half rent over the summer months.

Do you charge an admin/booking fee?

No, we don’t believe in charging an admin/booking fee!

Do you charge a deposit?

We don’t charge deposits but we do ask for a small advance payment when you sign the contract.

Can I live in the property over the summer holidays?

Yes, letting one of our properties entitles you to live in the property during the summer if you wish.

Accommodation for the following year 

When should I start looking for accommodation for the following year?

Most students usually start looking for their following year accommodation between October and December. The best houses do go very quickly so if there is a particular property that you are interested in then we would always advise that you arrange a viewing as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I stay in my current property for another year? 

Of course, we are always keen to retain our current tenants and are more than happy for you to renew your contract for another year should you wish.

If I renew my contract how much will my rent increase?

It won’t! As a special thank you for your continued custom we have a policy of freezing your rent if you decide to stay on for another year.

Moving In / Out

When can I move in?

You can move in from the start of your tenancy agreement, unless otherwise agreed.

Where do I get my keys?

Once you know when you intend to move into the property please give us as much notice as possible and we will be happy to meet you at the property to give you the keys.

How do I find out how everything works when I move in?

When we drop off your keys we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the property and will gladly show you how everything works to ensure the whole process is as hassle free as possible. Should you think of a question after we have left then feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Never be frightened of giving us a call if you are unsure as to how something works as its much better to ask if you are unsure and we are always happy to help.

What do I need to do before I move out?

Please ensure that the house is left clean and tidy, removing any rubbish and making sure the communal areas are clear. Anything left in the property after you tenancy has ended will be removed and disposed of so please make sure that you check the property thoroughly before you leave.

How do I return my keys?

Once you are ready to leave please give us a call and we will arrange for your keys to be collected.

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