Coping With University Stress

Coping With University Stress

Coping with university stress can be difficult. Moving home in general is one of the most stressful things you can do. Even discounting the escalation in studies, you’re suddenly having to manage your money, learn basic life skills and find the perfect student house, all in the space of a few months. So how can you cope? Well, self care is the buzzword of the moment, and while it has become something of a joke, it’s actually a useful concept.

1) Exercise

School did a lot to make us hate exercise; everything from group changing rooms to compulsory cross country runs in the healthy sleet. It all seemed designed to put a person off for life. But exercise doesn’t have to mean ridiculous gym kit and nascent hypothermia. There are plenty of great sports societies to join at university, and affordable classes. Both unis offer subsidised gym memberships. It’s also worth thinking outside the box when it comes to exercise. Why not walk a dog for Animal Care or the Cinnamon Trust? Go fell walking, cycling, try badminton, anything that gets you moving and blows off some steam.

2) Comedy

A time honoured way to let the stress go. There are plenty of panel shows and live gigs showcased on the TV (remember your Student Hq house comes with free TV license). There’s the Comedy Club at the Borough every Sunday. The Grand Theatre and the Dukes are often host to top comedians. On a more local level, plenty of venues in Lancaster feature open mic nights with top local comedic talent. Laughter is a great way to let the stress go and feel both lighter and happier.

3) Sleep

Don’t surrender to the urge to stay in bed all day. But plenty of college students are sleep deprived, courtesy of tough schedules, partying and raucous neighbours. A nap can help refresh you and restore balance. If you’re really struggling to nod off, consider what’s causing the issue. Cut out caffeine, consider temperature, switch off your laptop a little earlier. Invest in earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. Or try a lavender reed diffuser for some non flammable aromatherapy.

4) Get Organised

Most of us are at least a little messy and disorganised. The problem is, clutter can stress you out and make your life harder. If your textbook is hidden under a pile of dirty clothes you’ll be frantic before class; if you never know where you’re supposed to be at any given moment, it’ll be a constant source of stress. Instead, spend 5 minutes a day tidying your room and another 5 writing a to-do list and updating your calendar. Check out our student time management tips for more help.

5) Get Comfortable

Make your home your own. Fix up your room with cushions, blankets and personal items. Make your room into a cosy place to relax, and not a study hall / laundry room. This can mean agreeing that studying can happen in the communal lounge, or heading out to a local cafe. Consider heading to a laundrette to tumbledry your towels and avoid that damp scent lingering. Above all, try to relax.

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