5 of the Best Student Cookbooks Ever

Best Student Cookbooks

One of the toughest adjustments to university life can be getting to grips with cooking, even in a student home with a large kitchen! Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best student cookbooks ever to help you through it.

A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Budget Recipes by Jack Monroe – £12.99

This is a fantastic cookbook of super affordable recipes written by a self taught cook and activist. After a long period of unemployment, single parent Jack Monroe ended up with just £10 a week to feed themselves and their toddler. These are the recipes that kept them alive, with curries from 30p a portion, roast dinners for a few quid and even cheap desserts.

You can find some of Jack’s recipes for free here and on the blog Cooking on a Bootstrap.

Cheap as chips, better than toast: Easy recipes for students by Miranda Shearer – £3.99

An affordable cookbook for students on a budget, described as being the price of a pint. The recipes are fun and easy to follow, even for novices. It’s attractively illustrated and designed for quick, easy meals. Miranda Shearer wrote this for her boyfriend Tom when he went away to study. She has been cooking since she was 9 and has a creative, humorous approach to food.

Learn more about Miranda here.

Nosh for Students by Joy May – £8.99

Inspired by the author’s son (who went to university with no cooking skills) this simple handbook is now part of a series which includes vegetarian, family and gluten free recipes. There are pictures with every recipe and easy to follow instructions. It boasts that the recipes need minimum utensils. The book includes recipes with difficulty star rating, sample menus and shopping lists.

Check out their website to see more about Nosh Books.

Sam Stern’s Student Cookbook: Survive in Style on a Budget by Sam Stern – £10.99

Sam Stern is a teenage celebrity chef who has written six cookbooks. This one features variations based on budget, guides to price check ingredients and full colour photographs. It’s less basic than Nosh for Students – it assumes you have some cooking knowledge, and the recipes are more complex. Does a great line on polished up classics such as homemade pizza and fancy cheese on toast.

Visit Sam’s website to see more about him.

The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike – £9.99

Written with simple, budget meals in mind. The Hungry Student Cookbook began when Charlotte was a student, and struggling to cook on a meagre budget. The book features full colour illustrations and hints, tips and advice. There’s a mixture of meat and veggie recipes, along with some sweet treats for afters. She has also produced a vegetarian version, and a book about baking for students.

Learn more about Charlotte here.

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